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Coliving in Buenos Aires

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We are the first co-living in Buenos Aires

Our mission: We want to make the world a more collaborative place!

Nomad hub redefines the way people choose to live, work and network, providing a unique shared environment that unlocks inspiration and makes every day productive and fun.

We designed a space where you can meet other professionals and brainstorm all kinds of strategies for your projects and enjoy a community aligned at the same frequency.

Co-living is a new concept focused on creating a genuine sense of community where professionals and entrepreneurs can share their knowledge. 

Why Coliving?

The new way to stay,

explore and cowork

Nomad Hub locations are the best places for professional travellers and digital nomads who want to network with open-minded people from all around the globe.

Living at Nomad Hub

A unique experience 


Dynamic accommodation for modern travellers.


Productive workspaces to develop your projects.


A place where you can find every lifestyle. 


Relax and collaborate with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Made for balance

We are the perfect option for a new generation of professionals travellers.

We are the perfect option for a new generation of professional travellers. We collaborate with companies that want to give their team the best experience they can when they come to Buenos Aires. 


Meet the Colievers

Nomad Hub location are the best places for scaping your daily grind and networking with open-minded people from all around the globe. Listen the testimonials from our colievers. 


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