The first co-living in Buenos Aires

Our mission: We want to make the world a more collaborative place!

Our space is much more than a home. Nomad hub redefines the way people choose to live, work, and network, providing a unique shared environment that unlocks inspiration and makes every day productive and fun.

We designed a space where you can meet other professionals, brainstorm all kinds of strategies for your projects and enjoy a community aligned on the same frequency.

Co-living is a new concept focused on creating a genuine sense of community where professionals and entrepreneurs can share their knowledge. 



Enjoy the luxuries of hotel services, including room service, fast internet, and a smart TV in every room.


our building provides many amenities: gym, washing and drying, terrace, and other common areas add a special touch to the living environment. 


Work closely with professionals from all around the world. You will have access to printers, projectors, workshops, and events of all kinds.




Take part in community activities and live in a space where everyone is welcome and everything is shared. 

This space radiates with positive vibes and productive energy. Discover new friends and build relationships with other professionals who will help inspire you to accomplish all your business goals.

In no time at all you could be up to date on all the latest digital marketing strategies, as well as connecting with business owners from around the world who are working on some incredible projects of their own. 

Living in a community full of entrepreneurs from all industries is truly the experience of a lifetime. 



Why did we decide to launch this unique co-housing space?

Our main objective is for the common good of everyone living in our community. 

We believe that Co-living is the future of affective working environments. 

We launched this project because we are passionate about creating a better experience for digital nomads and co-livers from around the world. 

We love creating a perfect atmosphere where nomads in our space can inspire and nurture each other. 

The space is sprinkled with personalities and spirits of all forms, creating synergy that is unique and drives each individual to learn, grow, connect and coexist.   

If you are craving a life of creativity, community, and success, then you will love this space just as much as we do.   


"Lo mejor de este lugar son las personas y como te hacen sentir. El sentido de pertenencia y de comunidad. Siempre predispuestos para que lo necesites. Un lugar para vivir aprendiendo. ."

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Milagros Biana

Social Media Manager

NomadHub es la mezcla perfecta entre un Hotel, un Hostal y un AirBnB - Hotel por la comodidad de tener a un equipo que se preocupa por cada detalle de mi experiencia, Hostal porque conozco a gente nueva y compartimos experiencias todos los días y AirBnb porque no tengo contratos de largo plazo que me obligan a pagar por algo que no estoy usando mientras estoy de viaje.

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Daniel Patiño

Digifianz Founder

"Nomad hub es un lugar con una vibra muy positiva, donde aprendes todos los días cosas nuevas, conoces personas increíbles de todas partes del mundo y ademas esta ubicado en un punto muy estratégico de Buenos Aires donde puedes desarrollar tus proyectos con facilidad."

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Alejandra Ardila

Community Lead

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Lets us welcome to your new home in the heart of the city.